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Blast chillers and deep freezers




EVERY PRODUCT meat, fish, milk and bakery products, sweet and salty pastry,
fruit and vegetables, packed or unpacked goods, loose or on pans.



ORGANIZING your work with cold storage
INCREASE being able to manage work cycles lets you increase quantity when needed.
REDUCING wasted time in your kitchens and shops, gives your time to be creative.

PLANNING your day and the work loads to offer your customers optimal products always.
SAVINGS eliminating waste lets you reduce the cost of your products.


The rapid reduction of the temperature at the core allows maintaining the qualitative characteristics of the cooked food. +3°C at the core is reached swiftly, allowing avoidance of bacterial growth, the main cause of the aging of foodstuffs. The blast chilling cycle allows cooling your creations rapidly and delicately, maintaining the fragrance both internally and externally.
Your dishes will always be ready when you need them.




Conserving food over time has always been a problem for mankind since ancient times. Today, with the FRIBOX rapid freezers, your products will remain unaltered even over the medium and long term thanks to the freezing process and the swift penetration of the cold that favours the formation of micro-crystals, avoiding the molecular breaking down of your food or the loss of the nutritive substances.
The product will present after freezing as just prepared without loss of weight and fragrance and with the initial organoleptic qualities.



Controller THREE

EASY TO USE the electronic console gives you acces to the pre-studied programmes in a few seconds, ideal for all your recipes.

PRG 1 BLAST CHILLING cycle +90 to +3°C in 90' by product temp. sensor.

PRG 2 BLAST FREEZING cycle +20 to -18°C in 240' by product temp. sensor.

PRG 3 BLAST CHILLING/FREEZING cycle +90 to -18°C in 240' by product temp. sensor.

PRG 4 BLAST CHILLING cycle +90 to +3°C in 90' by timer.

PRG 5 BLAST FREEZING cycle +20 to -18°C in 240' by timer.

PRG 6 BLAST CHILLING/FREEZING cycle +90 to -18°C in 240' by timer.

PRG MANUAL by preset temperature.

Controller FIVE


Ideal for multi-product Customers thanks to its technology and complete with TOUCH SCREEN display, it allows the setting of up to 100 recipes to memorize and work in the best way with different products.

ALL CONTROLLERS automatically shift to preservation mode at the end of the processing cycle.

All models are also available as BLAST CHILLER or as BLAST FREEZER only.