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Industrial cold rooms and insulation

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Industrial cold rooms and insulating sandwiched panels.

News - CIBUSTEC- Parma Italy

News - CIBUSTEC- Parma Italy
A NEW PROJECT FOR THE FOOD INDUSTRY Out of the experience of Fiere di Parma in the Food Industry and of UCIMA in the enhancing Packaging Industry, comes a new project for the promotion of technologies and solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry. Cibus Tec serving the Food Industry for 70 years, is enriched by Food Pack, a new exhibition section dedicated to the best technoloies for packagin of food products. From processing to packaging the technological innovation as an asset for the decision makers and technicians of Food & Bev Industry. Production efficiency, food safety and sustainability of the process chain will be the main topics of the exhibition.

Blast chillers and deep freezers

A wide product range from the small 5 trays to the series ULTRA with up to 6 trolleys. Products of state-of-the-art technology for the BLAST CHILLING and BLAST FREEZING of your produce without altering their organoleptic characteristics. Temperature range +90°C to -18°C at the product core.


The most suitable panel cladding for long-lasting coldrooms

Small and medium sized commercial coldrooms

The only ones in Europe available with a production module of less than 10 cm, with o without floor panels.