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Industrial cold rooms and insulation

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Industrial cold rooms and insulating sandwiched panels.

News - FHA2018

News - FHA2018
A mega tradeshow synonymous with the food and hospitality industry in Asia and beyond, Food&HotelAsia (FHA) has but a humble beginning at a hotel’s carpark back in 1978. Through 40 years of years of evolvement, FHA has grown tremendously in tandem with Asia’s food and hospitality industry, and has earned itself a reputation as the most comprehensive premier international food and hospitality trade show in the region. FRIGOR BOX INTERNATIONAL conferma la sua partecipazione e vi aspetta con grandi novità presso il proprio stand.

Blast chillers and deep freezers

A wide product range from the small 5 trays to the series ULTRA with up to 6 trolleys. Products of state-of-the-art technology for the BLAST CHILLING and BLAST FREEZING of your produce without altering their organoleptic characteristics. Temperature range +90°C to -18°C at the product core.


The most suitable panel cladding for long-lasting coldrooms

Small and medium sized commercial coldrooms

The only ones in Europe available with a production module of less than 10 cm, with o without floor panels.