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The company

FRIGOR-BOX was established in 1970 by the Fantini family, willing to respond to the cooling needs of the food industry. Nowadays it is a group of 150 people, offering its Customers a wide range of products.

Panels, insulating doors, small and medium sized cold rooms, industrial cold stores and refrigeration units, bast chillers and freezers, quick freezing tunnels.


Be a flexible company that lets its employees express their value, develop knowledge, and work as a team; be a company that continuously strives to get to know its customers better and that responds to their needs by anticipating their expectations though continuous innovation, quality and complete service.


Be a commercially astute company with technical analysis capabilities and cutting-edge technology, whose goal is to grow in order to maintain its market leadership in the design, production, and sale of products for the refrigeration industry.



Frigor-Box has always been sensitive to the correct management of the human and technological resources, and its Quality System is certified according to the standard
UNI EN ISO 9001:2008

The Institute of Certification URS United Registrar of Systems Ltd, with main office in the UK, has certified our Company for the

"Design, production and installation of insulating panels, doors for cold and freezer rooms, accessories for cold rooms. Design, production and installation of upright refrigerators and freezers, commercial cold and freezer rooms, thermally insulated rooms for special applications."